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Lindsay Lohan Labor Pains Goes Straight to DVD

The latest movie bomb for Lindsay Lohan is the movie Labor Pains (above), which will not be released in theaters in the U.S., but rather will be shown on ABC family in July, and the go straight to DVD. The film might be released in theaters internationally, but no release date has been set.

Lohan has reportedly lined up a new as-of-yet untitled romantic comedy, alongside Nick Cannon, about a girl trying to make it in New York’s fashion world who gets set up on a date with a guy who is blind. Looks like another movie that will go straight to DVD.

Looks like Lohan will never get another big role again, since her drug and alcohol, and related legal problems keep getting in the way. That Oscar Lohan said she’d win is getting farther and farther away.

Oh well, at least Lohan is getting a chance at modeling (below), which she seems to be worse at than acting.

If only partying for a living paid better, then Lohan wouldn’t need acting or modeling.



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