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Wesley Snipes in Trouble for Dubai Trip

Wesley Snipes was convicted nearly a year ago of failing to file federal tax returns on at least $11 million in income earned between 1999 and 2001, and was sentenced to three years in prison. Since then his case in on appeal, and the judge has allowed Snipes to leave the country to work on movies.

Federal prosecutors have now learned that Snipes took an unauthorized trip to the United Arab Emirates for the gala opening of the $1.5 billion Atlantis the Palm hotel in Dubai.

On Tuesday Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert E. O’Neill filed court documents to prevent Snipes from anymore work trips outside the United States. O’Neill wrote:

"Defendant Snipes’ assertion that he has ’lived up to the trust the court has shown in him’ is incorrect,"O’Neill wrote in the filing. "Defendant Snipes abused the court’s trust and did so in a very public way. For that reason alone, the court should deny his current request for international travel."

Snipes wants permission to go to Namibia to reshoot scenes for the horror film Gallowwalker and then to Torino, Italy, to shoot the action flick Game of Death.

Snipes attorney claims Snips should be able to travel, and is not going to run from the law:

"Snipes has never presented and does not currently present a risk of flight," attorney Daniel Meachum wrote in the latest travel request filed on behalf of his client."

"It is essential that Mr. Snipes complete this project to satisfy his civil tax liabilities and provide for his family."

Snipes was convicted and sentenced to prison. It’s almost like he’s out on paroll, except not. He should have known better, just like when he didn’t pay his taxes. Snipes might not only lose his priviledge to leave the country, but he may also be penalized by the court for violating their trust. That penalty could be sitting in prison while waiting for his appeal to run its course. Luckily the prosecutor didn’t ask for jail time, this time.


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