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Mesothelioma Lawyers - The Five Key Questions

Prosecuting a mesothelioma case through to a fair settlement is a complex job. It requires evaluation of the illness by qualified medical specialists, documentation of places worked and materials used, and completion of extensive paperwork to support the claim. Asbestos defendant companies have deep pockets, and powerful attorneys to fight legitimate claims against them.

If you've been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you need to focus on your illness. You may not have the time, the energy, or the specialized skills to assemble all the information you need to support your claim. At the same time you want to be able to care for yourself with dignity, and to provide for the people who depend on you. A successful claim against the asbestos defendants who contributed to your illness may be the most effective way to ensure that you and your loved ones are adequately provided for.

To succeed with your asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit, you'll need to have an expert lawyer on your side, a seasoned attorney who has handled hundreds of mesothelioma cases, who knows how to track down the information about the defendants, unearth old records about workplaces and materials used, secure the correct medical testimony, and assemble all the documentation needed to confront the defendants and bring your case to a successful resolution.

When you're looking for a lawyer to represent you in your mesothelioma case, here are the five key questions you'll want to raise:

  1. What is this attorney's, and the firm's experience?Does this attorney have the specialized expertise in mesothelioma law that will enable him or her to get the information needed to build your case? How many cases has s/he worked on? What's their success rate?
  2. Does this attorney work with known experts in the field?Your claim must be supported by solid medical evidence, and expert testimony from physicians who have done the examinations and the tissue studies. Does your attorney work regularly with respected experts?
  3. How will the costs of the case be paid ? Medical workups and testimony, expert industry consultants who can confirm the nature and extent of the asbestos exposure, and legal and paralegal time are all costly. Many mesothelioma attorneys are willing to front the costs of the case, with an agreement that they will share in the settlement when the claim is resolved, and only if it is resolved successfully. You need to have an open discussion with an attorney about the fee arrangements..
  4. Is this attorney someone you feel you can trust and work closely with? You will be placing your trust for your and your family's future in your attorney's hands. You need to feel comfortable that your attorney has your best interests at heart, and that his or her advice is sound.
  5. Can this attorney start to work on your case right now?Mesothelioma is a stealth disease; by the time a diagnosis is made, a person may not have much time left. You need an attorney who can start work on your case right away, and who has the resources of time and money to work toward a prompt and fair settlement.

These are all reasonable and appropriate questions to raise with an attorney. Before you hire a lawyer to represent you in your mesothelioma claim you should raise these questions in an open and non-challenging way. Remember that the attorney will be working for you.

Frederick Schenk, a leading San Diego mesothelioma lawyer has been representing victims of asbestos caused disease for more than 20 years. His team of attorneys, paralegals and investigators work closely with medical professionals and industry consultants to provide the highest quality of services for those facing a mesothelioma diagnosis.

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