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Ashley Biden Snorting Cocaine Video Tape

Ashley Biden, daughter of United States Vice President Joe Biden, was allegedly caught on video tape snorting cocaine.

Thomas Dunlap is an attorney representing the man who filmed Ashley in a 43 minute tape that was shown to The New York Post. The man is showing bits of the tape in an effort to sell the tape for more than the $250,000 he has already been offered.

The New York Post reports the woman, who appears to be Ashley, appears to be aware she is being video taped when she snorted the cocaine.

Dunlap said Ashley didn’t have Secret Service protection at the time of the party because she complained about agents blocking her driveway.

In 2002 Ashley was arrested when she yelled at a cop trying to arrest her disorderly friend outside a Chicago club, according to published report. Ashley was charged with obstructing, but the rap was later dropped after she apologized.

We await a statement by Joe Biden.

This is very sad. We hope father is able to get daughter into rehab if she needs it.


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