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Nancy O’Dell Recovering from Knee Surgery

Nancy O’Dell was one of the many stars injured while training for Dancing with the Stars this season, only Nancy’s injury resulted in a torn meniscus in two places, and arthroscopic knee surgery March 20. Nancy is currently resting at home. She says:

"When the surgeon saw the inside of my knee, it was worse than he expected. To quote him, the meniscus in my knee was ’shredded’. It looked like a snow globe."


Nancy’s husband helped her get around after surgery:

"My husband had to carry me up and down the stairs, even to the bathroom … now, that’s love!"

"I have to keep my leg elevated as much as possible, so I spend a lot of time in bed or on the couch."

Nancy watches Dancing with the Stars with her baby girl:

"My baby girl claps loudly at the end of each dance," she says of daughter Ashby, who turns 2 in June. "She particularly seems to like Steve-O!"

How cute!

Nancy has a new book called Full of Life, which will be in bookstores April 14.

Get well soon Nancy.


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