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Teenage Sexuality


Today, teen sexuality has less to do about unfulfilled sexual desire and more to do with anxiety attributable to too much sexual freedom. Additionally, anxiety over sexual ability, lack of proper male and female role models, and uncertainty regarding male/female roles complicate sexual issues for teens. The increase in the divorce rate, sex and violence in the mass media, and inundation of x-rated videos have increased the likelihood of teenagers experimenting and engaging in unsafe sex. Amid all these mixed messages, Middle school students experience puberty. This trend toward experimentation has resulted in 20% of sexually experienced teens having had their first

experience before age 12 and 10%-12% of the youths having had sexual relations with adults. Teen pregnancies, which are on the rise, have many consequences as a result of the teen mother's poverty, insufficient nutritional intake, and poor health before the pregnancy. Among pregnancies that occur before the age of 15, the aforementioned factors may have greater effects due to the lack of total physical maturity of the mother. Girls who get pregnant in the second decade of their lives are more likely than women in their 20s or 30s to have side effects and complications throughout their pregnancy, as well as a higher chance of giving birth to an underweight baby due to toxemia.

The frequency of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among youths accounts for 20% of all STDs and is gradually increasing. Because most of the sexual activity among youths is unsupervised, there is a high occurrence of STDs, and AIDS is increasing among youths due to their lack of awareness of it. The sexual problems of teenagers are our problems as well. There is a need for an organization that can provide proper sex education and information. More importantly, it is important that parents talk to their children about sex. If you are uncomfortable talking to your teen about sex, ask your family doctor to address the topic.

Teenage Sex



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