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Prenatal Ultrasound


More than any other diagnostic tool, the introduction of ultrasound has been most effective and revolutionary in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Ever since its first use in 1958, it has become widely accepted as an essential diagnostic tool in medicine. With over 43 years of clinical use, it has proven to be very safe in its use of low-frequency sound waves. Some indications for ultrasound use in obstetrics are as follows.

Indications for ultrasound

# Evaluation of fetal growth
# Unknown vaginal bleeding
# Examination of fetal position
# Suspected multiple fetuses
# Amniotic sac examinations (assist in needle insertion)
# Abnormal difference in the size of the fetus and the uterus
# Pelvic tumors
# Pregnancy outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy)
# Suspected fetal death
# Suspected deformity in the uterus
# Verification of uterine apparatus
# Examination of fetal health
# Verification of fetal location during labor pains
# Abnormal results of fetal tests for deformity
# Prior history of fetal deformity

Prenatal ultrasound



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