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Health Benefits of Sex


The following is a brief exploration of the benefits accrued from having sex on a regular basis.

Gain in energy:

# Sex is a form of physical exercise. Sex three times a week burns lots of calories, and if maintained throughout the year, is equivalent to jogging 75 miles.

Increase in oxidation:

# Sex increases the supply of oxygen to the cells and stimulates the activity of various organs and systems within the body.

Reduction of cholesterol

# Sex balances out the good cholesterol to bad cholesterol ratio, and at the same time reduces the overall cholesterol count in the body.

Pain relief:

# Some studies indicate that sex may reduce headaches and joint pain.
# Protection of the prostate gland:
# Prostate gland-related disorders are known to be caused by or become worsened as a result of the secretions from the gland. Regular sexual activity eliminates these harmful secretions. However, a sudden change in the frequency of sex can also cause prostate-related disorders.

Stress relief:

# The satisfaction and the relaxation after sex are beneficial for the mind and the circulatory system.

Marital bliss:

# Love and affection can increase the level of oxytocin, a hormone that induces sexual desire. A higher level of oxytocin will increase the frequency of sexual encounters between the couple.

Physical energy:

# Sex has an advantage, especially for women. Regular sex increases the level of female hormone, which reduces the risk of heart disease and softens the vaginal tract.

Hormonal increase:

# Physical exercise, in whatever form, increases the level of the male hormone, testosterone, within the body. Experts say that this hormone strengthens the muscles and bones of the human body.

Hormonal supplementation:

# During sex, DHEA is secreted throughout the body. During orgasms or just before ejaculation, the level of DHEA in the bloodstream is 5 times its normal level. This steroid secreted by the adrenal cortex is the major androgen precursor in females. It is also present in males. High levels of DHEA have been associated with longevity, enhanced libido, building muscle mass, and warding off depression.



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