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Scabies is an infection caused by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei. Infections occur when newly fertilized female mites are transferred from person-to-person through close contact. Crowded, unclean conditions and sexually promiscuity increase the risk of contracting scabies. Medical personnel are also at increased risk of infection.


* Sever itching of the infected area
* Blisters or scabbed blisters in runs or burrows on finger webs, the heel of palms, and wrist creases
* Small red raised lesions on the penis shaft


* Scrapings of lesion are viewed under a microscope. The presence of mites, ova (eggs), or feces confirms the diagnosis.
* Burrow ink test involves ink being placed on the burrow and then scraped. The mite, ova, and feces can be seen under the microscope.


* Bedding and clothing should be cleaned and set aside for 48 hours.
* A one-time application of Permethrin 5% cream for 8 to 12 hours is recommended. This regimen is safe and effective.
* Lindane cream is more toxic than Permethrin and may pose dangerous side effects in children due to potential neurotoxicity.
* Benzyl benzoate lotion may also be applied
* Corticosteroids may be used for dermatitis (skin inflammation) that are caused by scabies.

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