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Genital Warts

Also know as
Condyloma, Venereal warts, Condylomata acuminate

Genital warts are a type of venereal diseases caused by human papilloma virus. This virus has many subtypes and some of them cause warts on skin and genital mucosa including anus. Cervical cancer of uterus is also related with infection with some specific subtypes.


* Single or clustered flesh colored growings on the genitals or anal area
* Tiny, flat, and soft mass in the beginning
* Sometimes cauliflower-like looks when grown up
* Usually no symptoms but it may cause itching, tenderness, abnormal vaginal bleeding in women

How the Diagnosis Is Made

* Inspection(genital examination)
* Biopsy
* Colposcopy
* Pap smear

Risk factors

* Sex with infected partners
* Multiple sexual parters or unknown sex parters
* Smoking
* Vitamin deficiency
* Decreased immunity due to medications or medical conditions such as AIDS


* Application of caustic agents
* Surgical excision
* Ablation with laser
* Cryotherapy
* Alpha-Interferon injections


* Bleeding
* Secondary infection with bacteria or fungi
* Obstruction with the birth canal when masses of warts become too large


* Sometimes spontaneous healing may happen
* Recurrence is common with treatment


* Avoid sexual contact with multiple parters or unknown persons
* Using condom may offer some protection from transmission but not always cover against infection



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