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* This is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae.


* Urethritis (males)-initially: burning on urination, clear or milky penile discharge, then 2-3 days later, a pain in the urethra (tube where urine goes out), followed by a yellow, creamy penile discharge. In addition, the prostate gland and epididiymis (tubes above testicles) may become painful and inflamed.
* Proctitis-this is a rectal infection that has anal discharge. Most common in male homosexuals.
* Throat infections-sometimes occur via oral sex
* Cervicitis (women)-infection inside the vagina at the opening of the uterus. Vaginal discharge may or may not be present. Urinary symptoms often occur. Infection may spread to the tubes (pelvic inflammatory disease), which causes severe pelvic pain, leading to scarring in the tubes. The infection may also spread to the rectum.
* Disseminated disease-sometimes the gonorrhea may spread to the rest of the body, causing diffuse joint pain/stiffness, fever, and diffuse rash. Very rarely, meningitis can occur.
* Conjunctivitis-an infection and inflammation in the eye. It occurs in adults when a person with gonorrhea rubs their eyes after touching infected body fluids.


* Discharges from the urethra (males) and cervix (females) slides/smears may be done.
* DNA probes of urethral or cervical discharge is the most common test

Similar Conditions

* Chlamydia
* Gardnerella
* Trichomonas
* Candida (Yeast)
* Pelvic inflammatory disease
* Reiter's syndrome


* Uncomplicated:
* Ceftriaxone 250mg-one injection only
* Ciprofloxacin by mouth, but some bacteria are resistant
* Spectomycin injection is an alternative injection for penicillin-allergic individuals
* Pelvic inflammatory disease:
* Cefoxitin, Cefotetan, Clindamycin+Gentamicin, Cefoxitin + oral Doxycycline
* Also: Chlamydia infections often co-exist at the same time with gonorrheal infections and should be treated as well (Doxycycline or Azithromycin commonly used).

If you suspect this condition

Both you and your partner need to be treated. Untreated, infections may lead to more chronic and severe infections. In addition, this infection can cause scarring in the tubes of females, which may result in infertility.



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