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Most suicide victims were not receiving treatment at the time of their death. Suicidal thoughts usually suggest mental illness, especially depression. Suicide tends to occur during an intense episode of depression. Depression can be treated with proper medical attention, and professional help can prevent suicides.

Those at a high risk for suicide are:

* people with a past history of suicide attempts or thoughts, depression, or other mental illnesses, such as bipoloar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, etc.
* people with a history of alcohol or drug abuse.
* people with a serious physical illnesses, such as AIDS or cancer.
* people with a family history of depression, suicide, or mental illnesses.
* Men and people over 60. Though depression is two to four times more common in women than men, men are four to ten times more likely to complete suicide.

If someone talks about suicide, take the matter seriously and let family members or a mental health professional know immediately.



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