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Misconceptions About Sex


Sexual crimes are widespread throughout the world, and because this proliferation can, in turn, encourage more crimes, strong measures need to be taken to discourage this social problem. Many measures may be used against sex offenders to protect the rights and sexual independence of women and the safety of children, i.e., sexual crimes defined under criminal law, laws governing the prosecution of sexual offenders and protection of victims, child welfare laws, laws regarding the regulation of public morals, prostitution laws, and prosecution for minor offenses.

Sexual fantasies

Sexual fantasies are psychological states of enhanced sexual arousal that enter the minds of both men and women, consciously or unconsciously. According to recent studies, women tend to fantasize more often, more intensely, and about more violent subjects, than men. However, very few women actually wish to have these fantasies carried out. Even though sexual fantasies are a natural part of human sexuality, they, like masturbation, cause feelings of guilt. As long as the fantasies are not driven by desires to escape reality or interfere in interpersonal relationships, there is no danger in sexual fantasies, and suppression of it is not necessary. Sexual fantasies add to the enjoyment of sex by liberating ourselves from the taboos of sexual conduct and enhancing the sexual mood. Repeated occurrence of violent fantasies, however, should be treated by a professional.

The most common occurring fantasies are as follows.

# Sex with someone other than one's spouse
# Group sex
# Sex with a total stranger
# Sex in a very beautiful setting (mostly by women)
# Peeping Tom fantasies (mostly by men)
# Fantasies of being raped

The above fantasies serve as substitutes for desires forbidden or impossible in the real world. A couple's sexual pleasure can be enhanced with fantasies, without any drawbacks, as long as both parties are do not become consumed by the fantasies and the need to carry them out. If the target of one's fantasy is the spouse, it can be played out to some extent with the cooperation of one's partner.

Sexual violence

Sexual violence is an act of violating a person's sexual freedom and the right to choose, by way of physical, verbal, or psychological assault. Physical attacks, intimidation, threatening calls, abuse through the computer, vulgar language, and pornography are all examples of sexual violence. Furthermore, sexual violence can occur indirectly if someone is made to feel uneasy or fearful of any sexual threat, real or unreal, that will restrict the natural behavior of that individual.

Sexual perversion

Sexual perversion is a state of finding sexual gratification by repeatedly imagining or carrying out an unusual act. Abnormal sexual behavior is rooted in a person's psyche and if carried out in private, usually does not cause a problem. The question of whether sexual perversion causes harm to those who practice it and to others is still not clear and has produced many different opinions among researchers.

Extramarital affairs

An extramarital affair is sex with a person other than one's own spouse. Extramarital affairs happen secretly or openly, and, if secretly, they may be suspected by the uninvolved spouse, who may choose not to address it. In some instances, both marriage partners have extramarital affairs; however, in most cases, usually, only one does. In the latter case, a spouse may not confront the other in order to save their marriage. The media may tend to highlight the sexual misdeeds of public figures, but extramarital affairs, and, especially consensual extramarital affairs, are not as common as believed and are looked upon by the public with scorn. Despite public disapproval, extramarital affairs are on the rise. According to many sources, 40%-50% of the men and 25%-30% of the women in the United States have had at least one extramarital affair.

Reasons for extramarital affairs

1.A person unhappy who is in his/her marriage may look outside of the marriage for affection and emotional support. A spouse who is angry with his/her partner may also engage in extramarital sex as revenge. 2.Dissatisfaction with the sex within the marriage can lead to extramarital affairs. This happens to both men and women, but men tend to be more dissatisfied. In this type of situation, the cheating spouse tries to fulfill the unmet sexual satisfaction in his marriage with an extramarital affair. 3.Even if the sex is satisfactory, there are people who seek new and different sex outside of marriage. However, statistics show that sex within marriage is more satisfying and a higher quality than sex outside the marriage. 4.Two people may just be unusually attracted to each other. Marriage does not eliminate the sexual desires we have for people other than our spouse. Only the determination to keep a family together overcomes these desires. The consequences of an extramarital affair are very serious and often end in divorce. The lies and deception that come along with adultery do not mix with the principles of a good marriage. More than anything, a healthy sexual relationship is the key to happiness in a marriage.

Sexual perversion



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