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Practicing Longevity


Human life expectancy has increased greatly over recent years. Currently, the average lifespan in the United States is 76.9 years -- 79.5 years for females and 74.1 years for males (National Vital Statistics Reports, 2000). With an extended lifespan, we aspire to optimize our health and wellness in order to reduce suffering from illnesses and live a fuller, richer life.

The ideal way to launch your quest for aging in wellness and healthy longevity is to receive an expert examination and receive a personal and tailored prescription for diet and exercise and, if needed, hormonal supplements, antioxidants, and supplements. After receiving a personal prescription, it is important to receive checkups 2-3 times a year to monitor your health conditions.

Longevity experts share and practice the following health guidelines.

1. Never overstrain. Exercise moderately everyday or as frequently as possible.
2. Do not eat fried foods. Eat low-fat grains that have not been whitened or bleached. Protein consumption should consist of fish and poultry.
3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season, every day.
4. Do not smoke or drink alcohol, or limit alcohol consumption to red wine with a meal.
5. Meditate everyday for 10-30 minutes. Practice one's own stress-relieving methods often.
6. No matter what, keep a positive attitude toward life.
7. Take antioxidants and other health supplements daily.



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