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Stress and Sexual Function


Stress is a mental disorder that modern man absolutely cannot avoid. It causes changes in our body as well as our minds. With psychological change comes anxiety and a sense of restlessness. In addition, one may become irritable without reason, and the body and mind may become tense and unable to rest at ease. In addition to these psychological changes, are behavioral changes whereby there may be a tendency to avoid tense situations. Avoidance of loud places, of disorder and confusion, may be other tendencies.

Stress and the body

The physical changes in the body due to stress are caused by the excitation of the parasympathetic nerves, which is a part of the autonomic nervous system. The brain will be aroused, making sleep difficult, and even dizziness may occur. The heart will palpitate, breathing will become heavier, and a feeling of being trapped and overcome may strike. Excessive responsibilities and worries have a tendency to lead to digestive problems. Poor digestion, inflammation of the stomach, and in serious cases, even stomach ulcers can appear. Furthermore, many different symptoms may arise from the tightening of the muscles due to stress. If the muscles near the head tighten up, a headache will be experienced, and if the muscles within the chest tighten, chest pains will be felt. The tightening of the muscles around the neck gives a sensation of something being inside the neck. When the muscles tighten up, a shaking or other similar symptom is observed. The blood flowing to the hands and feet is constricted, and will cause cold hands and feet, or they may fall asleep. The activity of the salivary gland will be reduced resulting in a dry mouth. Due to these physical and mental troubles, husband-wife duties will be neglected and their affection toward each other will also suffer.

Stress and sex

Because the best love occurs at the most peaceful and carefree moment with the one you love best, the partner's mental and physical stability is more important than anything else. Although many marital problems are said to arise out of sexual incompatibility, the root of the problem may not be in sex itself, but in the lack of sexual desire, or other psychological insecurities caused by fatigue associated with stress. More than anything else, consideration and understanding of others is needed, as well as plenty of sleep and rest, along with regular exercise.



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