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High Blood Pressure and Sexual Capacity


Excessive exertion during sex can cause heart attacks or even a stroke due to rupture of the cerebral blood vessels. People with a weak heart should be especially careful and pace themselves during sex to avoid complications. This is absolutely necessary for people with heart diseases. The same applies in the case of high blood pressure, as well. If a person with high blood pressure exerts too much energy during sex, this can cause a stroke, leading to permanent brain damage, or even death.

Although hypertension can be managed with proper medical care, a sudden bout of stress can overload blood circulation and cause immediate death. Telling a patient with hypertension that sex after heavy drinking is poison, is not an exaggeration. As evidenced in the numbers, more than 40% of all deaths are alcohol-related. Also, strenuous activities should be avoided right after a shower or bath, for this is when circulation and heart rate are near maximum. Sex at this time would be ill advised, and persons with hypertension should remember to take plenty of rest preferably before, rather than after, sexual engagement.



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