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Causes of Obesity

Genetic Factors
# There's a close connection between the obesity in parents and the obesity in their children. Oftentimes, the children born to obese parents also become obese.

# Seventy percent of children with obese parents are also obese. When only one of the parents is obese, 40% of the children are obese, and when neither of the parents is obese, only 10% are obese.

# Genetically, obese people store more energy as fat than do normal people.

# Obese people, genetically, have a lower basal metabolism.

# Social, Environmental, and Psychological Factors
# In developed countries, obesity occurs frequently among the lower classes, whereas in underdeveloped countries, obesity occurs more frequently among the upper classes.

# The lowest body fat percentage is genetically set, but the maximum percentage is heavily affected by the person's environmental factors.

# Dissatisfaction and stress can cause obesity.

Endocrine and Hypothalamus Problem
# Obesity can be caused by endocrine disorders, hypothalamus dysfunction, hypophysis tumors, and pineal gland tumors.

# Most of the time, the reason for obesity is overeating.
# High calorie intake and low energy consumption result in obesity.
# Excessive eating as a result of stress increases the amount of fat and causes obesity.
# Eating too much after not eating for a while, and other irregular eating habits, can cause obesity.

# Among people who consume excess alcohol, there are many obese people.
# Excess calories from alcohol cause obesity.

Lack of Exercise
# As life becomes more convenient and mechanical, most people don't like to walk or use stairs and opt for cars and elevators, further compounding a chronic lack of exercise that many people experience.
# The body stores more energy when energy is not exerted. The lack of exercise causes the body to naturally deposit fat throughout the body.
# Compared to people who do manual labor, people with office jobs have a greater chance of becoming obese, despite more working hours, because less energy is exerted.

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