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Mature Relationships and Open Minds


# To make a happy home, the couple must first have a mature relationship.
# Sincerity: When couples are sincere to each other, they can be grateful when served and forgiving when mistreated. This is important in maintaining a healthy relationship.
# Diligence: Like all human relationships, married couples must begin their family life with diligence and conscientiousness. Doing little things earnestly will eventually lead to a more trusting relationship. On the other hand, when things are not done this way and done with carelessness, love and trust can fade.

# Know that a couple is "together" and not alone: Through marriage, couples can accomplish things together and work towards a more mature life.
# There must be respect and consideration: It's not easy to lower yourself in a marriage or in today's society, a society in which everyone likes to express him or herself. Being considerate to your spouse is a must for a happy marriage.
# Try with your heart and soul: A happy marriage doesn't happen by itself. It can only happen when the husband and wife want a happy marriage with their hearts and put their souls into this effort.
# Prepare for marriage: These days, many young couples get married without adequate preparation. This is happening more than ever and is reflected in the increasing divorce rates.
# "Married Single": Many modern marriages are based on emotional, material, and physical qualities. It's hard to experience true joy and happiness in a marriage based on emotions rather than serious conversation about values, expectations, character, and nature. This lack of joy and happiness makes people "married singles."

# Prerequisites for a happy marriage: 1. An open mind to understand your spouse 2. A healthy body, and a good understanding of your own body 3. Proper preparations (medical, emotional, and financial) to have children
# Make an effort to lead a mature life: Wedlock began as an effort to accomplish things in life that people couldn't do in



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