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What are the benefits of Tantric sex?

Tantric sex is not just regular sex. The average “in-out-have a nice day” kind of sex is seen by those who practice Tantric sex as simply wasting energy on something that could be much more than that. Therefore, one could say that Tantric sex means taking sex to a new dimension and using it to improve the link between body and spirit and to extend the rejuvenating power of orgasm to the whole body.

After all, why shouldn’t we profit from something that is in our power to do, especially since it does not take much to acquire this skill? One of the goals of Tantric sex is to stimulate the endocrine glands to produce more hGH, serotonin, DHEA and testosterone. These hormones help improve sexual health, promote the flow of blood through the body, take out the trash (toxins, that is) and strengthen the nervous and immune systems in order to increase the overall health. A person who’s into Tantric sex feels healthy and rejuvenated without the use of substances or devices. Sex is quite enough to bring about these changes in a person. However, one must know how to engage in sex and what to do in bed in order to achieve this healthy state. Practitioners of Tantric sex claim that it has a rejuvenating effect on men and women, improving sexual health and altering the body’s chemistry by means of brain waves. Frequent and powerful orgasms are a sure way of changing somebody’s mood and of relieving anxiety and depression. All the maladies plaguing the modern mind (such as stress, depression and lack of confidence) can be cured by having sex more often and by experiencing better and more orgasms. And along with these problems of the mind, one could easily get rid of other problems. Women are interested in Tantric sex because the stressful lifestyles of today take their toll on sexual health. Tired and stressed people are in no mood for sex and, thus, have a bleak view of life and suffer from more conditions than happy people. Although we cannot know for sure, there is a fair chance that many frigid or unhappy women could live far more satisfying lives if their lovers really knew how to take care of them. One of the targets of Tantric sex is to take this unhappiness and turn it into a positive mindset using the body’s own resources. Men, on the other hand, can have a lot of fun with Tantric sex, especially since it also focuses on improving erection and ejaculation, the two pillars of sex for men. Sexual satisfaction also results in a huge boost to self confidence, which is very likely to trigger a reinforcing psychological pattern of successful performance and increased confidence. A man who can give himself and his partner a couple of strong orgasms on a regular basis is a happy and healthy man. Not to mention that his partner is also bound to enjoy a positive view on life and a general feeling of healthy living.



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