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The Meaning of Marriage

Various Definitions and Sayings on Marriage

# Marriage according to standard definitions, marriage is the union of a man and a woman, and the baby born from that union is their legitimate child.
# The dictionary's definition of marriage: A marriage is when a person enters into a legal relationship as a couple with a person of the opposite sex.
# What the average person says about marriage: Marriage is a social institution and practice. It is the process of forming a social structure and having a family through the union of two people. Marriage is the most basic means to maintain society and, at the same time, it is a means for a new life for the individuals. In a marriage, the wife doesn't leave her fate to her husband and the husband doesn't take on his own fate. It is simply a couple understanding each other, fulfilling each other's responsibility, and supporting each other and planning together.

# The General Meaning of Marriage

# Marriage is a contractual, not a verbal, agreement.
# In marriage, two people can accomplish more than they could individually, through cooperation and love. It is different from just living together.
# Unlike living together, marriage is a legal promise to live together until the end. It is a vow made out of sincerity, with passion and intimacy. It's a contractual agreement stating that while conditions at the time of marriage may change, the love will not.
# Marriage has rights, duties, and responsibilities.
# Rights and duties are different depending on the times, social climate, and culture, but the husband and wife are expected to carry out their roles responsibly according to their surroundings. Faithfulness and the duty and responsibility of raising children are universal in most societies and cultures.
# Marriage is a relationship of character.
# Humans are social animals. With these instincts, people marry, love, and live amongst other people. In this way, a married couple learns the value of each other, feels joy together, and forms a relationship respectful of each other.

Marriage From A Sociological Standpoint

# Marriage is a sexual and interdependent relationship.
# A marriage is a relationship that shares the right to financial ownership.
# It's a mutually supportive and dependent relationship. One partner will affect the other mentally and emotionally.
# Marriage is a relationship in which distinctive qualities tend to stabilize with time.

Marriage From A Cultural Standpoint

# Heterosexual: Many people do not recognize homosexual relationships as legitimate marriages.
# Monogamy: Modern society does not recognize polygamy.
# The first part of family is formed through marriage: Having babies or adopting completes the second part.
# The couple is together in a relationship of "love."
# Relatives cannot be marriage partners: In Korean society, the law prohibits marriage between two relatives.



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