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Sex and Planned Pregnancy


When two people meet, fall in love, love each other with their bodies and souls, and marry, this is beautiful and natural. But it is important to know about sex and contraceptives.

Plan Pregnancy Before Marriage

# A planned pregnancy: Having a baby is natural; raising it well is important. A planned pregnancy is when a couple tries to have a baby during the best health and life conditions
# Plan and prepare for the next generation before marriage: Babies are precious, but pregnancy during financial hardship or illness may cause worries rather than joy.
# Prepare for a safe pregnancy: There are many people who have taken medicine unaware that they were pregnant. Not all medications are dangerous to the fetus, but some medications can cause birth defects. Planned pregnancy is an effort to have healthier, smarter children and to prevent such defects.
# Learn about male and female contraceptives: As mentioned above, to have babies during the best conditions, it's important to study and learn about contraceptives before marriage.
# A marriage license: Through a few simple checkups, a couple can ensure their health and happiness.

Why You May Want a Marriage License

# For personal health: While we live in the modern 21st century, ideas about marriage are often rooted in the past. Everybody wishes to have a healthy child, but very few people put in the effort required to ensure this. A marriage license is designed to screen for diseases that might affect future children.
# For a healthy home: Marriage is when two people fall in love and promise to spend their lives together. Getting a checkup before the wedding and detecting illnesses can help ensure a healthy family life.

Marriage License; Exchanging Health Diagnoses

# Preparation for a healthy marriage and healthy children: Exchanging diagnoses may seem unpleasant. Some diseases, however, can infect a baby during pregnancy, so the purpose of exchanging diagnoses is to detect diseases beforehand and treat them accordingly.
# Discover illnesses early and prevent them: If a communicable disease is discovered, receive appropriate treatment quickly and prevent further complications.

Example 1:

Hepatitis B carriers and their unborn children are at risk. If Hepatitis B is treated with a preventive inoculation ahead of time and antibodies form, then there is no problem.

Example 2:

Medication can cure tuberculosis carriers, and once medication starts, tuberculosis is no longer communicable.
# The ideal tests: chest x-ray, blood test, urine test, blood type, hepatitis test, liver function test, and tests for STDs are the basics. Women should prepare for pregnancy by receiving German measles (rubella) tests, along with a pelvis ultrasound.



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