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Women and Infrequent Orgasms

In our society women have the opportunity to decide between work, family or both. The June Cleavers of yesteryear's media have been replaced by smart, sassy, career oriented women. Yet while we all imagine we're having exciting sex lives like the cast of Sex and the City, how many of us actually are?
Did you know that 10% of women have never experienced an orgasm, either by themselves or with a partner? It's not a matter of can't, but haven't. Many women just aren't sure how to go about getting what they want in the bedroom. So here are a just few tips to get you started.

Masturbation is key in knowing what feels good, especially if you've never orgasmed before. This can either be done manually, with a vibrator, or whatever way feels good for you. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to climax- as you explore your body you will discover your triggers.

Once you know what feels right for you, communication with your partner is key. Let them know what feels good. You don't even necessarily need to have a conversation, if that makes you uncomfortable - instead try body language and reassuring noises when they hit the right spot. Remember, you can't expect them to know what's working for you if you don't tell them, especially if you're prone to faking.

In addition to sexual communication with your partner, communication in general is a big factor. If you have any distracting feelings, such as guilt, stress, or worry, focussing on sex is a difficult task. Getting these feelings out of the way, although not easy, frees up your attention.

Sexual positions with the woman on top makes it easier for her to orgasm, because she controls the speed and movements. Keep in mind that only 30% of women regularly orgasm through intercourse - receiving oral sex is the most common method to reaching climax.

While men have increased opportunity to improve their sex life, with prescription medications like Viagra, or even surgeries, women have been left in the dark. Until now, that is. If you've thought about increasing your libido but didn't know how, you should consider trying HerSolution Gel™. It feels like a lube, but instead of using low-grade ingredients, HerSolution Gel™ is made from high-quality herbal essences, vitamins and butters. And while it alleviates vaginal dryness like any regular lube, it also increases blood flow by dilating blood vessels, a sure way to intensify your desire, and fulfilling it.



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