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Breast-feeding and Breast Care


1. Human milk is best for babies.
2. Breast-fed premature babies, evaluated at 1.5 and 7.5 years of age and compared to similar premature babies that received formula feeding, had higher IQs, according to one trial.
3. 65% of women with augmentation mammoplasty have lactation insufficiency.
4. Most drugs given to the mother are secreted in breast milk.

Those who cannot breast-feed

1. Women with cytomegalo virus (CMV) infection
2. Women with chronic hepatitis B infection
3. Women with AIDS (HIV infection)

Breast-feeding inhibition condition

1. Oral Contraceptives
2. Smoking

Care of the breasts and nipples

1. Breasts: A massage with a warm towel can relieve breast pain due to breast engorgement.
2. Nipples: Because dried milk around nipple can irritate nipples, cleaning of nipple and areola with warm water is recommended. Inverted nipples or retracted nipples can be pulled out with breast shield and gentle exercises during pregnancy.



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