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Sterility and Life

Infertile couples' feelings

Married couples expect that they and their children will be parents and assume fertility. Hence, when infertility is a reality, infertility itself causes stress. Heavy psychological burdens are caused by diagnostic tests to examine the cause of sterility, anxiety from unsure diagnosis and treatment, and the strain that infertility places on familial relationships.

How infertile couples generally feel

# Couples are easily hurt by what others say and do, because they are in denial of their infertility.
# They tend to become isolated because they are reluctant to converse with others.
# Guilt, frustration, alienation, resentment, and sadness are some ways couples psychologically react in their relationships with spouse, family, and surrounding people.
# A couple may experience emotional isolation from family members and friends with children.
# The cost of treatment, examinations, uncertainty, and the desire for children cause many worries.

Stresses of an infertile woman

# Financial burden: Examinations and treatments for infertility are expensive and not covered by most insurance plans.
# Out of feelings of guilt, the couple's relationship may become strained.
# Sex becomes an obligatory act to become pregnant.
# Anxiety and nervousness during treatment; frequent blood tests, shots, and vaginal ultrasounds can cause discomfort and pain.
# Expectations, depression, and fear of failure while waiting to conceive after treatment
# Frustration, disappointment, and guilt from unsuccessful treatment
# Fear of divorce due to infertility.

The couple's spirit

# If either the husband or wife is the cause of infertility, it is important that they support and protect each other.
# Love and emotional support make it easier to undergo treatment and could have a positive effect on outcome.



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