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Causes of Infertility

Male sterility

The cause of male sterility can be summed up as the inability to send fertile sperm through the woman's reproductive organs. Some reasons are:

* An illness prevents the creation of sperm * Obstruction in the transportation of the sperm and other abilities * Difficulty with ejaculation and maintaining an erection, making it hard to ejaculate in the vagina * In the past it was thought that the woman was responsible for all causes of infertility, but that is not the case. * Statistics show that 40% of sterility cases are male-related, 40% are female-related, and 20% are attributable to the man and woman: Both sexes share equal responsibility in the matter.

Female sterility

The entire pregnancy happens in the woman's body, a very complex environment comprised of many delicate relationships. Therefore, many small problems or mishaps can lead to infertility. Some of the reasons are:
* Hormonal imbalances disrupt ovulation * Cervical defects * Fallopian tube defects * Difficulty with the implantation of the fertilized egg

The factor between couples.

* When there is nothing wrong with the husband's sperm and the wife's egg, and pregnancy does not happen, infertility is generally recognized as being caused by the immune system. * One theory is that a substance from the sperm or semen becomes an antigen. The woman's body makes an antibody to combat the antigen when the sperm enters the egg, when a fertilized egg is about to be implanted on the uterine wall, or when the sperm enters the cervical mucus, thereby preventing pregnancy from occurring.

Diverse causes

* The body requires many intricate steps to achieve a normal pregnancy. Small disruptions in these steps prevent pregnancy. * It is hard to pinpoint the exact cause of infertility. Rarely is there one cause for infertility, and both the man and the woman could provide causes for sterility.

Female Infertility



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