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Postpartum Activity


There are individual differences, but in the absence of complications, a mother can walk within a few hours of delivery; after a cesarean section, a woman can begin walking after a day.

Early Activity

# Walking as early as possible helps prevent complications such as bladder dysfunction or constipation.
# There is a risk of thrombosis after delivery because blood coagulates easily, but activity will accelerate blood circulation and help prevent thrombosis.

Activity After a Cesarean Section

# Some people lie in bed without moving, fearing that problems will occur with the surgery site, but activity is actually beneficial.
# If abdominal pain prevents walking, rolling and arm and leg exercises are recommended.

Lifting Heavy Objects

# Avoid lifting heavy objects. Tissue supporting the uterus and vagina is already stretched from pregnancy and delivery. Exerting abdominal pressure will stretch the muscles and tendons supporting the pelvis even more.
# Descensus uteri is the condition in which the bladder or uterus sits low or comes out. Physical constitution is a factor, but overstraining during the delivery and inadequate rest during the recovery phase are also causes.

Postpartum Exercise

# Moving the body early and starting to exercise after delivery helps postpartum recovery.
# If a woman becomes dizzy or weak during exercise, she should lie down and move arms and legs to help blood circulation throughout the whole body.

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