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Infertility Test First-timers


# Choose a hospital that specializes in infertility.
# A test conducted by a regular gynecologist will not reveal any reasons for the infertility or provide any further details. Seek a fertility specialist.
# Because testing for infertility takes time, patience is required.
# All tests and treatments are done in accordance with the woman's monthly menstrual cycle and cannot be rushed.
# Receive an infertility test as soon as possible.
# Ability to become pregnant decreases with age.
# For effective treatment, start measuring basal body temperature 2-3 months before visiting the hospital.
# Measuring basal body temperature is the most basic of infertility tests. It can be done without medical supervision and provides important information in analyzing and rectifying potential causes.
# How to measure basal body temperature:
# Use only a thermometer designed especially for measuring basal body temperature.
# After waking in the morning, measure oral temperature, without moving, for 3 minutes.
# Measure daily and record all significant matters (menstruation, sex, medication, etc.).
# Basal body temperature can estimate the date of ovulation and whether or not there an egg was produced.

# General concerns

# Receive infertility tests together.
# It works better when a couple cooperates and concentrates their efforts.
# Infertility tests are uncomfortable but not painful.
# It is most important to be relaxed and comfortable before tests.
# Check cost of treatment when visiting the hospital.
# Treatment takes time and money.
# Lastly, it is important to totally trust the doctor and follow his/her instructions thoroughly.



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