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Mesothelioma and Its legal connection

It's a known fact that contact with asbestos causes a lasting damage leading to asbestosis on the lungs and in critical cases—mesothelioma. The incidence of exposure and its particular symptoms associated with it takes time to be acknowledged and manifested. With development in biomedical exploration and wide scale prevalence on the disease in factory and also industrial employees, it has been scientifically proven that asbestos is the explanation for such cases.

The ignorance and neglect of industrialists who producers and markets asbestos products are responsible for such wide scale circumstance of mesothelioma. Even after acknowledge that the mineral is harmful to those exposed, adequate measures were not taken to minimize the particular adverse effect and incorporate further harm. Since its wide work with as construction materials in lots of buildings of the early component of 19th century, asbestos has silently invaded our life and also have caused death to thousands and thousands. The incurable and unpredictable disease which affects most asbestos related factory worker ought to be taken in a critical note both legally along with medically.

Mesothelioma and its association with asbestos could be strongly viewed from a legal point of view. A factory worker who was simply unknowingly exposed to the particular mineral and served to the profit of the organization ought to be compensated for his decline. After the early record by London based pathologist Steven Gloyne that mesothelioma is linked to occupational exposure to asbestos within 1935, it has taken a good path to be granted a legal aspect intended for justice to asbestos manufacturing facility workers. The first case of a legal battle against a good asbestos product manufacturer was reported as soon as 1929 and it has increased tremendously subsequently to over a million cases.

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