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Pneumoconiosis (Part 1)


Pneumoconiosis – occupational lung diseases brought on by prolonged inhalation of dust and characterized by the development of diffuse interstitial fibrosis.

The principle types of pneumoconiosis are silicosis and silicatosis, metalloconiosis, carboconiosis, pneumoconiosis connected with mixed dust (silicoanthracosis, silicosiderosis, and many others. ) and organic airborne dirt and dust pneumoconiosis. They are named by the the dust tat are inhaled.

The causes of pneumoconiosis

Pneumoconiosis is put together by inhaling dusts and inflammatory and fibriotic answer in the tissue against unfamiliar particle -dust. Their development is typical throughout mine workers, drillers, millers; considering that the representatives of these professions in constant connection with the dust.

Symptoms of pneumoconiosis

The clinical picture of pneumoconiosis has quite a few similarities: the slow, chronic course that has a tendency to progress, often causing impaired work capacity; resistant sclerotic changes from the lungs.

Typical signs connected with pneumoconiosis – bronchitis, bronchiolitis, emphysema, respiratory system failure, pulmonary heart development.

Diagnosis of pneumoconiosis

X-ray is used primarily when detecting pneumoconiosis.

Treatment of pneumoconiosis

Restorative measures geared towards improving immunity of one's body;

  • - Improvement in functional status broncho-pulmonary system.

  • - Mine fotarii – fizprotsedury throughout mines at depth.

  • - Exposure to ultra-violet rays in the underground.

  • - Using adaptogens.

  • - Remediation of sites of infection from the upper respiratory tract.

  • - Treatment in sanatoria (prevention connected with pulmonary profile): oxygenation connected with blood properly.

  • - Nonspecific therapies; bronchodilators, calcium channel blockers.

  • - Glucocorticoids – with easily progressive course (mainly utilised prednisolone).

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