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New system for the treatment of the lung cancer

The Institut Català d’Oncologia (ICO) has launched a fresh system for treating the lung cancer which cannot be operated by the contra-indications that will harmful for the individual.

The cancer of lung is probably the most common, particularly throughout men. The head on the Radiation Oncology Department on the ICO, Ferran Guedea, explained that “Lung cancer might be diagnosed in early stages and the main treatment is surgery to clear out the tumor. But there are cases that this cannot be done because of some contraindications. “

The care coordinator on the functional unit of Lung Cancer Hospital and ICO, Susana Padrones, were recalled linkage of lung cancers and smoking; “What makes us have associated problems including COPD. ” This could discourage and dismiss most of these patients for surgery.

Until recently, conventional radiotherapy alternative was used to control the tumor. Increase in survival with applying this technique is about 30% at 2 yrs. The ICO has applied the newest technique, extra-cranial stereotactic radiotherapy (SBRT), which involves applying a superior precision technique that allows to use high doses of radiation in an exceedingly enclosed, non-irradiated healthy muscle.

“The error is the very least. ” said Guedea. This can be possible thanks to the synchronization on the radiotherapy machine with individual breathing. “Applying radiation to bone, for example, is relatively simple but the problem is to apply radiation to your moving organ for example the lung. ” he adds.

The results of the technique are similar to those of surgery, “although the first option is always surgical treatment. ” After treating about 80 patients from the ICO, in the 43 primary results shown that survival at 2 yrs is 79. 10%, greater than twice that of typical radiotherapy. The local cancerous growth control is 96. 4%.

Encouraging results might have been possible for the ICO to get extended the technique to other designs of tumors, such because liver, bone metastases, adrenal or perhaps prostate tumors.

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