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Types of lung cancer

Lung cancer malignancy may occur in two ways:

1. Small cell lung cancer, which causes 13% of lung cancers and usually spreads quickly.

2. Non-small cell cancer, causes 87% of lung cancers and grows more slowly than small cell cancer.

Lung cancer develops over a very extensive period and is difficult to be able to detect in its early stages of growth. Experience has demonstrated that the more state-of-the-art the cancer, the harder to regulate or eliminate it. Thereby, it is advisable to recognise the causes and risk factors and take appropriate actions to stop or minimize it.

Signs and symptoms

When lung cancer begins, it doesn’t develop virtually any symptoms, but as it grows and inhibits the normal functions from the lung, several symptoms look, among which you will find:

  • - Cough that gets worse and isn't going to leave,
  • - Trouble breathing in, and feel the insufficient air,
  • - Coughing in place blood,
  • - Constant upper body pain,
  • - Hoarse words.

Suffering from one or maybe more of these symptoms is just not definitive evidence of cancer malignancy, as these symptoms may occurring because of other diseases. However, these symptoms are very worthy of consideration, particularly when present for weeks or months, as they are a measure of a problem that may be serious. It is strongly suggested to visit a doctor for the diagnosis and treatment soon.

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