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Crocidolite Asbestos and its uses

Asbestos is constituted by a combination of several fibrous minerals which happens naturally. The constituent fibers include formed a structure of prolonged thin fibers after crystallization. Asbestos therefore can be broadly divided into two groups which can be: Serpentine, which constitute chrysotile or white asbestos which the most commonly used form from the mineral and another group called amphiboles which includes a number of asbestos fibers. The amphiboles includes crocidolite which is referred to as blue asbestos, amosite the dark brown asbestos, thermolite, actinolite and anthophyllite. Among the fibres of amphiboles the actual crocidolite or the blue asbestos was the most widely used in the recent past.

Crocidolite Blue Asbestos

The name of the blue asbestos as crocidolite was handed by Hausmann and Stromeyer in 1831 after having a close examination of the mineral. Crocidolite asbestos is called blue asbestos since it has a purplish blue to help greenish colour in its normal form. It is a quickly textured fiber in its normal form and almost resembles human being hair. It has a fibrous nature which makes it suitable for many commercial goods. The blue asbestos is comparatively more brittle than other styles of minerals of asbestos.
Crocidolite asbestos fibers

They occur as bundles of pointed, straight and brittle fibres. The fibres can be bent up up to a point, around 90 degrees before the item snaps and breaks. The brittleness and fine particles which can be releases during mining or breaking an asbestos bundle causes it to be relatively easy for inhalation. This being the reason why crocidolite is a major causative broker of asbestos related cancers, mesothelioma. The deadliness of crocidolite and mesothelioma is usually starkly represented by the belief that a town in Australia called Wittenoom was devastated with the disease due to asbestos exposure. Only eight resident remained and regarding green thousand mine workers lost his or her life to mesothelial cancer.

Uses of Crocidolite Asbestos

Car without any fire resistant properties asbestos were recognized to have included in many commercial and industrial products. Like another minerals of asbestos crocidolite is one fiber that have found a niche in such products. However, in comparison with other fibres of asbestos the actual blue asbestos was seen to experience a lesser heat resistant capacity. It really is used in manufacturing ceiling tiles, boards which can be meant for fire and high temperature insulation, insulation based on bottle of spray oil, for fire protection, ready-made bare concrete sheets, thermal insulators in devices as gaskets, electrical wires or even telecommunication lines, acid storage power supply coverings etc.

Crocidolite asbestos uses

Due to it's lesser heat resistant capacity, crocidolite didn't find much demand in product choice of fire retardants. Its brittle nature also deterred it from being used as insulators of heat along with electricity. Therefore it is mostly used as cement products to increase the strength and durability. In the United states it amounts to directly about 4% of all asbestos used for commercial purpose before 1980.

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