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The Beauty Of Falling In Love With Someone Who Makes You A Better Person

Here’s why you should fall in love with someone who exhilarates you:

1. They introduce you to things you’ve never imagined
It’s a big, big world out there, filled with crazy stuff like The World at Dubai and beer-flavored jelly beans and so much more that we can’t discover it all on our own. Someone who inspires you brings a sense of awe into your life, even when it’s as small as showing you the secret spot for the best wings in the city.

2. They motivate you to do better
They will push you to be a better person without directly putting pressure on you. Your partner serves as the best incentive to transcend your limitations. When you’re ready to give up, it’s important to have a supporting person to get you back on track.

3. They are profoundly interesting
This is the person you can lie across the couch with, talking all day and never running out of things to say. They possess this otherworldly knowledge that’s enlightening and captivating at the same time. Who can resist a guy who can pontificate on European history just as easily as he can show you the sites?

4. They make you feel fulfilled
You won’t feel like you’re missing out on something or that anything greater can come along. Everything you need is right in front of you, which is really the beauty of falling in love with someone who inspires you. They make you realize that you have all the capabilities of finding self-satisfaction.

5. They make you dream bigger
When you connect with this person, their investment in you means that you will be motivated to constantly strive to go beyond what you think you are capable of. Being with this person makes you feel like you can do anything, escape to anywhere, conquer whatever you set out to do. It’s an unexplainable high every time.

6. They help you achieve your goals because they understand their importance to you
This person isn’t going to hold you back from anything. If you want to sign up for a new class or check out the latest live music, they won’t stop you for selfish reasons. They understand that your personal happiness is just as paramount as their own.

7. They bring excitement in your life
There’s no such thing as a boring activity in your relationship — even if you’re spending the night in, staying up watching a psychological thriller, or playing tease card games. This person is inherently intriguing, which makes it easy to get lost in your days together.

8. They challenge you
This person won’t “yes” you when you ask them for an honest opinion. Take it as a sign that you hold significance in their lives when they don’t let you get away with mediocrity. This is someone who cares about you enough to tell you the hard truths that you can’t tell yourself.

9. They make you realize how amazing you truly are
All this time you think this person is flawless because they are a role model in your life, but in reality, it’s what you also bring to the table that makes this other person shine. They help you remember that you make a great team; it’s not a one-sided relationship.

And if you are lucky enough to find this person who so positively builds your confidence and sense of self, then you are quite an inspiration to me.

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