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Benefits of Structured Settlements

Some sort of organized relief confirms the mode connected with periodic installments financed by means of the annuity provided by the highly-rated life insurance coverage business. Employing a organized relief to advance an individual bodily injuries declare delivers installments clear of fed earnings taxation. And also, organized negotiations can often work out non-physical injuries statements also.

Deciding to use a Structured Settlement provides many benefits:

• Favorable Federal tax–exempt status
• Favorable total yield on the fixed annuity
• Predictability of payments
• Lifetime payments and lump sum periodic payment combinations
• Financial security and freedom

With a structured settlement, you receive these benefits without the worry of managing the settlement yourself and the responsibility of generating the maximum return for you, your family or a seriously injured person.  There is no other investment vehicle that gives you this peace of mind.

Claims professionals, plaintiff attorneys, judges and defense attorneys advocate the use of structured settlements because they effectively meet the needs for security and provide better benefits over time.

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