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  • This is involuntary (accidental) bed-wetting in children over 5 years old.

  • Accidental bed-wetting two or more times per month in a child above 5 years old

  • Usually unknown
  • Attempting toilet training too young (before 3 years old) may cause bed-wetting later
  • Lesions of the spinal cord
  • Diabetes
  • Anatomical problems in the genital tract

  • Physical exam to check for medical causes
  • Urinalysis to check for Urinary Tract Infection
  • Urine or blood may be checked for diabetes
  • Special X-Ray tests may be ordered by the doctor

  • Parents need to be aware that unless there is an underlying medical problem, Enuresis is not a serious problem.  Time and patience is the rule, because the condition will get better on its own.  Unless there is an underlying medical problem, bed-wetting stops by adulthood in nearly all cases!
  • Treat underlying causes such as anatomical problems
  • Methods that help some:
  1. Limiting fluids after dinner -- but do not restrict fluids from a thirsty child.
  2. Encourage child to only drink if thirsty, and try to avoid fluids before bed.
  3. Avoid beverages with caffeine.
  4. Alarm devices on a pad that wake the child
  • Medications that may be helpful:
  1. Imipramine
  2. DDAVP hormone nasal spray
  • Remember to be supportive of your child -- it is not his fault.  If not handled properly, this can lead to embarrassment and lack of self-esteem in the child.


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