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How To Make Your Own Official World Cup Ball

First, you'd need a regular soccer ball. Any one will do. Get a "Made In China" one at your local sports store for a cheap RM40.

Sure, it won't last as long and the specs aren't as good, but the improvements in the Teamgeist ball are minimal in practice you probably won't notice it anyway.

Then you gotta spray the ball all white.

Use spray paint of ICI Dulux, whichever you prefer. Gotta have a white background before you paint the designs on later ya know?

Now comes the difficult part.

You know how the Teamgeist ball features the signature World Cup trophy-inspired 'rounded propellers'? That's important. That's the whole reason why so many wanted the ball in the first place.

But how do you do it?


You get a box of Kotex.

Stick 'em all over your ball.

Add drawings with a marker pen and there you go!

Your very own Official FIFA World Cup Teamgeist Ball.
They look so similar no one can tell the difference.

Better still, if your girl is expecting her monthly matter, you can just peel one off your ball to let her use. And she'd be so in love with you.


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