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Happy Birthday Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson Birthday Cakes

Michael Jackson's birthday is today as Raleigh celebrates the King of Pop's 51st. Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 and today would mark his first birthday since his death.

Here is what you can do in honoring the memory of Michael Jackson on his birthday.

Michael Jackson Birthday Cakes

From round to square, Happy Birthday Michael Jackson can be found, but here are the styles of the center designs to choose from.

* A white glove with shimmer flakes. Shimmer flakes are safe to eat and can be found at most craft stores in the baking isle. Remember that Michael's sequins glove has been a trademark of his long and electrifying career.

* A microphone held by a white sequins glove.

* Create a "51" birthday cake by placing the number 51 on the face of the cake. And do not forget this cake takes 51 candles.

* A Michael Jackson silhouette of him dancing or just a silhouette of his head. You can use his famous toe tipping dance move. Each silhouette is best upon a solid color background with black filling. You can find black frosting in most craft stores. First draw an outline then fill it in, simple as that.

* A tombstone of special thoughts. You can create the tombstone appeal by using gray frosting. You can combine white and black frosting to create the right color if you can not find or locate this color. The idea is to put the day of birth, the day of death with the words of your choice underneath. The edges of this cake should be dark or of smoke tone to give it that tombstone appearance. If you wish to add cracks simply use a toothpick to draw a couple of thin black lines with breaks and possible curves.

Michael Jackson birthday words are a plus. Here are a couple of sayings you can place upon the Michael Jackson birthday cake.

"Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!"

"August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009: Rest In Peace King of Pop."

"Sadly Missed, Always Remembered."

"In honor of Michael Joseph Jackson."

Raleigh, North Carolina will be moving as usual with headlines breaking throughout the day. But for now, we honor the memory of Michael Jackson on his special day.

Brooklyn has reached a new day of their own in honoring Michael Jackson by making August 29th Michael Jackson Day. Spike Lee's New York bash is said to draw close to 10K Michael Jackson fans in honoring Michael Jackson's memories upon Jackson's birthday.

It was said that Michael Jackson would be buried today. However, that was changed to September 3rd.


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