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4 Ways to Pick Winning Penny Stocks

Fundamental Analysis

Good stock picks from fundamental analysis should consider earnings potential, revenue growth, debt loads, positive cash flows and other important financial ratios. Extensive study of the company’s financial statements is inevitable to discover the best medium to long term stock investment opportunities. To make money in penny stock investing, you must buy the one that have the most effective management and making the most money at the same time.

And don’t forget to compare the standard financial ratios with other stocks in the same industries to predict which companies are destined to be successful. Good fundamental analysis of penny stocks can unleash the two per cent companies with superior stock investing opportunities. They are so profitable that can give better return than 90 per cent of the blue chip stocks.

Undervalued Stocks

It is not uncommon to see share prices slide dramatically. This has a lot to do with weak market sentiment than the underlying fundamental values. And today’s seamless communication through the internet, information from China can travel to US as fast as a blink of eyes. If this happen, you shouldn’t avoid the stock market, but take advantage on the undervalued stocks instead. Calculate its intrinsic value and buy the stocks if the share prices where within its margin of safety.
Technical Analysis

Under normal situation, technical analysis able to discover repetitive price trending of penny stocks. These patterns can reveal profitable penny stock trading by buying stocks with high probabilities of moving upward. With all the available technical indicators, you can make money even if the stocks are flat but are traded within some trading range.

Promotional Stocks

Promotional stock is a common penny stock that is heavily promoted by promoters who have substantial holding in the stock itself. The promoters generate market interest for the stocks in an attempt to drive the price higher. Once the stock prices are at the desired level, they sell their holding and generate substantial personal profits. Then, they simply move on to another stock and leave the original stock and its investors behind. Without any further promotion by new shareholders, the stock price will soon collapse.

The promoters are frequently moved in a group. They form a syndicate with other interested wealthy speculators as well as other professional hedge fund managers.To make money from this type of stocks, you need to participate early in the stock cycle and ride on their promotional effort.Otherwise, you’ll lose fortune against them.


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