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Can Google Analytics improve your Google AdSense earnings?

That’s a very tough question (one of my Twitter friend posed me the question) but Google is optimistic, they have confidence that the integration of Google AdSense data with Google Analytics will do the trick for Google AdSense publishers.

In their post announcing the holy matrimony of Google AdSense data with Google Analytics, Google said that the integration can:

Help AdSense publishers discover untapped markets


Take a look at your Google Analytics data if you have an account of your own. I’m sure that you will notice that you have visitors from all over the world (I sure do!). Some AdSense publishers thought that they can only get high-paying AdSense ads from US visitors. By doing so, they are ignoring visitors from other parts of the world thus putting their AdSense earnings potentials in jeopardy!

Remember, folks! The world is bigger than the big old US of A!

Help AdSense publishers find profitable traffic

I think experienced AdSense publishers already knew all about high-paying/profitable traffic. :-)

What AdSense publishers want to know most is their profitable pages, pages that generate the most AdSense clicks or have high-paying AdSense ads. Unfortunately, Google Analytics do not provide (probably never will) such data for AdSense publishers. Shucks!

Help AdSense publishers dig deeper into their AdSense reports

What!? Who the f*ck wants to dig deeper?

Google AdSense reports are so damn mysterious. Nobody knows (other than Google) what they’re all about. Besides, Google AdSense earnings are inconsistent. It could be amazingly high today but pathetically low tomorrow! Nobody in the right frame of mind would want to look at their AdSense data every single day.

But I do agree that AdSense publishers must learn to look for and identify certain trends from their AdSense data if they want to make good money from them. I wish I could reveal what those trends were but they’re trade secrets. Sorry folks, I could not say much about it. :-)

So, can Google Analytics improve your Google AdSense earnings?

Yes, but the problem is that Google has the capability to help AdSense publishers earn even more but they are not willing to do so at the moment. Too bad! :-(


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