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Nora Elena & Seth

Nora Elena(Siti Saleha) & Seth(Aaron Aziz) are undeniably a great combination for the Nora Elena Movie, adapted by the novel “Kasih yg Suci”. A young modern looking women which is not too much of elegance or too childish looking in other, should I say somewhere in between has greatly impacted on how the character develops.  It caters a whole major group of people. And as for Seth, a handsome and macho personality deeply blends in with Nora Elena, as without doubt makes women of all ages crazy and go nuts for him.. Go go.. Elena & Seth..

A Cute couple, comel kan.. Elena & Seth

The first episode… huhuhu.. ingat lagi ?

At kedai makan..

Macho,Handsome + Cute,Beautiful

Hehehe… serve tea, meleleh sume dapat bakal isteri camnie..


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  1. Satu Malaysia duk cakap pasal Nora Elena...
    Kuat betul penangan citer ni kan.. :)



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