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How to make flashdisk 1 GB to 2 GB

flahsdisk that we use sometimes there was not a big secret that you know, sometimes we do not ever want to know about how the state of the flashdisk.just information on how to care for flashdisk.
Being made a 1GB flash 2 GB is not something impossible, many do not know about how to make flash 1GB to 2GB, but luckily you, because information is expensive in my blog so this makes 1GB to 2 GB of flash I give a free, easy, briefly, and without risk to do so

well just about how to make flash 1 GB to 2 GB that I promised earlier.:

1. First download this program here. 
2.Open program has been downloaded 
3.Enter u're flashdisk,and click refresh
4.and press the fix.
5.wait is completed, then your flash off, then plug it back
6.After the flash is detected, try to right click select properties.
7.And see the re$ult, flahsdisk size increases.

Actually, I do not try again...Hopefully successful 

good luck ....


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