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1. She lives in hotel like mansion (upper class apartment) that costs $1682 USD a month (200,000 Yen a month).
2. She can watch fireworks from her balcony.
3. In some of her hardcore scenes her tears are geniune. (I wouldn’t doubt it!)
4. She got into AV by researching a good company and applying for an interview herself. (whereas girls are usually scouted on the streets)
5. Her parents found out through a magazine or something and are strongly opposed to her doing AV to this day and her friends cut off all ties with her because of her decision to enter AV.
6. She brought home 20 of her videos she’s starred in to show her parents and they told her to get the hell out.
7. When it comes to sex, she prefers Japanese men. They have smaller dicks and can last longer while westerners have big dicks and it’s painful for her.
8. She’s good at cooking and mostly cooks her own food.
9. If a close friend said they were going to do AV she’d put a stop to it.
10. She’s half Japanese and half Canadian. (Her father is French-Canadian, just checked her wiki)
11. She’s 21 years old.
12. She has a nice big widescreen TV.
13. Her video cabinet is filled with nothing but AV.
14. She’s really into watching AV.
15. She earns at least $8000 USD a month.
16. She’s not much into westerners and hasn’t really dated many.
17. She wants to get into a serious relationship with the next guy she meets and then eventually get married.
18. She says she will retire from AV if she’s forced to do a job she doesn’t want to do.


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