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Aziz M.Osman

Aziz M.Osman was born in 2 October 1962. He is a Malaysian actor, scriptwriter, screenwriter, editor, producer and director. He is currently the director of a production company, 'AceMotion Picture Sdn Bhd.' Nur Aliah Lee Abdullah was his second wife. They married in 19 Januari 1992. They have four childrens - Puteri Asyiqin (14), Putera Nur Iman (12), Puteri Nur Aisya (9), and Puteri Nur Ain (6). Unfortunately, a divorce in May 2007 ended the 15 years marriage. Aziz M.Osman previously had another wife. With the first wife he had a daughter, Puteri Nurul Fatehah, aged 19. Currently, Aziz M.Osman directed more than 100 tv dramas and 23 films.


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