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Abby Abadi

Name: Abby (Arbaiyah Abdul Manan
Born in 1st December 1977
Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ex-member of the all-girl singing group Elite. The first Elite member to leave the group at the end of 1997. Married to actor Norman Hakim. Divorced for 5 minutes before re-married.
Films: 'Gerak Khas the Movie', 'Gerak Khas the Movie 2', 'Gerak Khas the Movie 3', 'Pasrah'.
Albums: 'Catwalk', 'Tamparan Wanita', 'Idola', 'Merbahaya'.
Awards: 'Most Popular Female TV Actress 2000', 'Most Popular Female TV Actress 2001', 'Most Popular Female TV Actress 2002'.


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