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Top 10 Richest Person in Malaysia 2009

1.Robert Kuok (85)

Net worth: $9 billion,rice, sugar trader

2.Ananda Krishnan (71)

Net worth:$7 billion Malaysia’s largest cell phone service provider Maxis Communications

3.Lee Shin Cheng (70)

Net worth:$3.2 billion one of world’s leading operators of palm oil plantations, refineries

4.Lee Kim Hua (80)

Net worth:$2.5 billion one of world’s most successful casino resorts

5 .Teh Hong Piow (79)

Net worth:$2.4 billion Public Bank

6.Quek Leng Chan (68)

Net worth:$2.3 billion Heads conglomerate Hong Leong Group Malaysia

7.Yeoh Tiong Lay (79)

Net worth:$1.8 billion ne of Malaysia’s largest conglomerates

8.Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary (57)

Net worth:$1.1 billion rice trader controls Malaysia Mining Corp

9.Tiong Hiew King (74)

Net worth:$1 billion Chinese Media International has 5 newspapers, 30 magazines

10.Vincent Tan (57)

Net worth:$750 million hotels, lotteries, real estate, finance.


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