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How to bypass megavideo time limit?

“You have watched 72 mins of video today. Please wait ## minutes or click here to enjoy unlimited use of Megavideo.” You and I don’t want to see this, right? How to bypass megavideo time limit? Easy, just buy megavideo premium membership. Case close, right? No… No… I don’t want to pay for that and hack the time limit system. Okay… Okay… Here are some of the solutions.


Guides to bypass megavideo time limit

1. Restart your modem router. Your ISP will assign another new dynamic IP for you.
2. Adjust the time on the computer clock to a time that is more than the minutes you have to wait. For example, it is now 3:45 pm and you have to wait 15 minutes to watch a video again. Add these 15 minutes to 3:45 pm, making it 4 pm.

Any other ways that you are using? Don’t be shy, share it here. :)


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