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Average Penis Size

So what is the average Penis Size. Now are we talking the average penis of a fully erect penis or a non erect penis. Penis enlargement dot com we let you know all and more about the average penis size.

Average penis size - non erect penis
the average penis size of a non erect penis is between 2.9 and 3.9 inches. This measurement is made from tip to base. If your penis falls below 2.9 inches you fall into the category of what we call a "micropenis" If you feel your penis is too small you could fall into this category.

Average Penis Size - Fully erect penis
Penis Sizes can vary when erect. The average size is around 6.4 inches when erect. Larger men can pull off up to a 70 increase when fully erect. Its is quite common that men with a non-erect penis can will more then double their penis size when erect. Some very interesting results were found of some men reaching over 120% when erect.

Average Penis Size - Factors to consider
-Length is one thing but what about width
-if you are suffering from shrinkage measure your penis at an appropriate time (cold weather, beach)

Average Penis size myths
-The bigger you nose, feet, foot whatever the bigger your penis size.
-You have a bigger penis if because of your nationality

What if you have a micropenis or micro penis
- Many men suffer from what is called a micropenis. Basically if you fall below the average penis size you fall into the category of what they call a micropenis. Man with a micropenis are more than capable of producing children. A micro penis can be enlarged in many ways.



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