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Amphetamines are all based on the naturally occurring chemical, ephedrine, found in the herb Ephreda vulgaris. Chinese people have used this plant for over 5000 years to treat asthma. In 1887, chemists made amphetamine, a synthetic substitute for ephedrine. They found that amphetamine affects the brain, increasing alertness and decreasing appetite. It increases the levels of two of the brain's chemicals, noradrenaline and dopamine.


Also Known as
Biphetamine(brand name), Dexedrine(brand name); bennies, black beauties, crosses, hearts, LA turnaround, speed, truck drivers, uppers

How Administered
injected, swallowed, smoked, snorted

Intoxication Effects
increased heart rate, blood pressure, metabolism; feelings of exhilaration, energy, increased mental alertness, rapid breathing

Potential Health Consequences
rapid or irregular heart beat; reduced appetite, weight loss, heart failure, nervousness, insomnia, tremor, loss of coordination; irritability, anxiousness, restlessness, delirium, panic, paranoia, impulsive behavior, aggressiveness, tolerance, addiction, psychosis


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