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Choose the right condoms

If you ever go to family planning section in drugstore, you will get many of variety, colorful, many types of different condoms and you have to choose the best condoms that will satisfied you sex desire. Should you get the color or dry type, or with lubed or thin type? who knows, you have to decide. The size of course you should know on your own but the type you should know well because some type maybe not suitable according to each individual.

Latex type condoms.
Latex condoms is the best type for protection on any pregnancy and any infections but sometime, some person have allergies on latex. So choose well, the other options is use polyurethane condoms or female condoms type that made from plastics.

Lubricate Condoms or Dry Condoms ?
The simple thing is, if you have to use it for vaginal or anal intercourse, lubed type are best to choose since it give you feel better and less like to break.
But if you try for oral sex, choose dry because your saliva will be lubed on the dry type condoms.

Style Condoms ?
Choose style did not mean anything if it never give you the best protection, because some condoms that made on style are likely less protection provide on your infections.

So, choose well.


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