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Can we make money with a blog?

The answer is yes. Even a RM1.00 is a money so you could make a money out of your blog. Of course you cannot be a millionaire simply by having a blog, or quit your job to be a blogger for life. Most people use a blog to get some extra money in their free time. Some take it as a hobby.

How to make money on blog?

The easiest way is to put an advertisement in your blog. One of the most popular advertisement-for-money that you can put on your blog is the Google AdSense program. You register with Google AdSense, they will give you a HTML code, you put the code in your blog, an advertisement will come out, and everytime people click on the advertisement, Google will pay you. Very easy, right? You don't need a 'modal' here to start a business. But then again, no need to quit yang present job for this Google AdSense things. You don't have to do that. You are crazy if you do that.

Another way is to sell your own product there. Assume that you have something to sell, maybe for example, a 'gambir' which is really good for a husband who cannot performs good enough on bed, or maybe you have a special recepies to sell. Simply put up a notice sort like an advertisement on your blog. Those who interested on the stuff will contact you and buy it.

If you don't have a product, you can also sell other people's product. Ask them to put an advertisement of their product on your blog. Get some money from it.

Ever heard of affiliate program? This is also a sell-other-people's-product program. Some big companies had an affiliate program. With this program, the company will put their advertisement on your blog. Each time a buyer buy the company's product through your blog, you will be paid a commission. One of the famous affiliate program on the net is


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